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Dui NJ

First Level of the DWI system

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If you are looking for the charges you will be faced with in case you are caught while under the influence of alcohol, this is the article that will give you the complete information about the complete process. In this section we will tackle the severity and the implications of the DWI penalties in New Jersey.

While prosecuting, the only two things that are kept in mind are:

Based on these two factors, the penalties will be served to you. As the number of these two factors increase, the more severe your punishment will be additional reading. But it is a fact that it is only the number of cases against you that will determine your sentence after the first offence irrespective of the BAC.

So what is the safety BAC limit? According to the state of New Jersey, if the accused has more than 0.8% of alcohol in his blood he is committing an offence. But there are many cases in which the accused has a lower BAC limit visit the site. There are 3 levels of severity provided to the guilty. These three levels depend on the severity of the punishment.

First Level:


These are just some of the various penalties of the first level of severity when it comes to drinking and driving. As the charges and the BAC increases, you will be charged with more severe penalties. 

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